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Most major questions you have can be answered on this page. If you have any other questions, head over to the "Contact Us" page. We will always get to your question ASAP!


Can I place an order online?

Unfortunately, due to high demand, we are no longer offering online ordering at this time. We hope to resume online ordering and shipping at some point in the future. 


What varieties do we offer?


We currently offer three different varieties of pecans: Oconee, Pawnee, and Kanza. Each variety are consider "paper shelled" pecans. Oconee comprises approximately 60% of our annual crop, while Pawnee and Kanza form the remaining 40%. 


When will pecans be ready each year?


Usually, we open near the end of October. However, the exact timing of our harvest may vary from season to season due to weather and other factors. 
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